Back in the day, if you wanted to send something, you’d pop down to the post office. It was the only option. The modern world is very different. Thanks to the Internet we can shop around for all sorts of services. If you have an item or a package to send, a quick search online will reveal any number of courier services you could use instead of the post office. Thanks to increased competition, prices have come down considerably. More choice and lower costs. So anyone looking for a courier these days can benefit.

The Advantages of Using a Courier services have thrived because of their convenience. Not everyone has time to get down to the local post office. Items might need to be picked up and dispatched urgently to meet a deadline. No problem, you can even get your item delivered the same day.

OK so it’s probably still advisable to use the regular postal service for your letters, but if you need to ship anything larger, try a courier. Not only is it more cost effective, but you get the added benefit of extra services as standard, which you don’t get from the post office.

Tracking the item can be crucial. You need to know where it is every step of the way if it’ something really important. You know exactly there it is and more importantly, so do your customers. They’ll appreciate the additional communication and added peace of mind.

Any service will come with some degree of basic insurance, but this cover might need to be reviewed if you’re sending something of high value. Monetary or sentimental. Don’t try and save a little bit of extra cash, only to end up with a disaster on your hands. Think of it this way. You’re already getting a great deal so spending a little extra on insurance won’t hit your wallet too hard.

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