Benefits of a Local Courier Service

Although Certa Cito Logistics has the ability to cover the whole country, we are of course based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. We pride ourselves on being the best local courier service in our area, and we hope that you will call us first when you need service in our area.

Over the years there have been many advertisements that have espoused the merits and benefits of courier services. From DHL’s outdoor advert “Small World” to the UPS campaign with the tagline “United Problem Solvers”, courier services are every business’s best friend. But these two are the world’s courier service giants and not everyone can afford their services.

Courier Services

This is where the services of your local courier service beat the big names. Here are some of the benefits:

affordable price

Affordable Prices

The prices/rates given by local delivery companies are not usually hourly opting instead for a flat rate or prices per mile. These strategies guarantee clients lower prices including for urgent packages. It also motivates the company to provide same day services in order to rake in more profits.



Clients are prone to trust smaller establishments where they have a more intimate relationship with the staff and personnel of the courier service. They are sure that if anything happens to their parcel there will be personalized customer service and a “friend” will be involved in the process. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to trace your parcel in the huge network of national courier services.



The local courier companies tend to treat every delivery as a priority. They have a small number of clients so their deliveries crew knows that getting the parcels to the designated spots is critical to creating repeat business. Because of the magnitude of parcels and deliveries made by the national couriers, it is quite possible for a time-sensitive delivery like medicine or perishable items to be delivered late due to the work schedule.

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Local couriers are easier to access and easier to deal with making it a convenient choice for residents and local business owners. Most local couriers companies are essentially small businesses themselves looking to expand their market. The same convenience experienced with other small businesses like laundry services is mirrored in these courier services: it is all about making the client comfortable and happy.

Courier Service

Great Customer Service

Smaller courier services are run by people from within the local area. They are neighbours and friends with their clients and aim to make them happy and continue warm yet professional relationships. This makes it possible for the clients to enjoy great customer service and long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Delivery man filling in forms on parcel

Faster Service

Fast service is a huge requirement when it comes to a successful courier service. This is not just about quick delivery (although that is certainly important), it also involves the promptness of taking the parcel, getting the relevant information and being accurate in the details and prompt responses to queries, complains and feedback. Smaller courier services are able to provide all of the above with relative ease because their work is very personalized.

Local courier services are the answer to the needs of small businesses which need to thrive in the same marketplace as their larger counterparts who have huge budgets to afford national couriers.

So please call us first for service in Mansfield, and of course we are just as friendly, efficient and competitively priced for our services country wide.