Places To Visit In Mansfield

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire is a treasure trove of places to go and enjoy during your stay there.  It is a very rustic yet classic place that allows you to enjoy history with a modern twist to it. While in the urban centre, there are several things that you can enjoy individually or as a family. These include

Rail Tours

You can take a rail tour for ten miles and enjoy a ride on the miniature railway layout and the rural looking engines. This heritage railway uses both steam and diesel train engines which should be a treat for train enthusiast. Along the route, you will encounter vintage buses, shops and even a coffee shop. It is a perfect plan during the Christmas holiday season as you and your family can catch the Christmas trains.

Rail Tours

Visit the Papplewick Pumping Station

If you are a fan of the Victorian era, this pumping station is one of the remaining Victorian industrial designs. It is 19th century living at its best. It even still has the original fittings including six Lancaster boilers in the boiler house and the ornamental cooling pond.

It houses the original twin beam engines allowing you to see the true Victorian engineering as well as the creativity. You will enjoy the beauty of the stained glass, ornately decorated beam and pillars and the strong mahogany-woody and brass finishes.

Check out Southwell Minster

Do you like history and historical buildings? Southwell Minster will quench your thirst for knowledge and transport you back to the days of Robin Hood and his friends. It is a small market town that allows you to tread in the footsteps of your favourite outlaw and explore the countryside.

It is situated 15 miles Northeast of Nottingham and provides you with thrilling stories of the men of old including Charles I who stayed there before yielding to the Scots. You will enjoy the views of the Minster and the detail put into the 13th-century chapterhouse.


Visit the Old Market Square

Not only is it the largest public area in England, it is always the first place that is recommended to visit when you arrive in Mansfield. It encompasses the Neoclassical Council House and the Guildhall which are imposing and full of history. At the city’s historic centre you will find the sky mirror which is a sculpture of a 19-foot wide stainless steel dish pointing into the sky and allowing fantastic views of the sky above.

D.H Lawrence Birthplace Museum

Another museum for your inquisitive mind is in the Eastwood area of Nottingham and is home to the three attractions associated with English author D.H. Lawrence. The three-pronged museum visit literally takes you through the Blue line Trail, a walking tour fashioned after the Freedom Trail in Boston, into the Heritage Center and the Birthplace Museum.

You can crawl through the mock mine or pretend to be in class in the recreated Victorian classroom. You will get to see the influences that shaped his earlier life and how his family lived.