Top Five Attractions in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

River Trent is the crowning glory of the city of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. This city is synonymous with fine lace and has long been known as a respectable manufacturing and business centre. The water from the River Trent has been instrumental in watering Nottingham resulting in beautiful foliage and scenic views which have contributed to the shift in economic enterprises.

The urban centre is now a tourist haven that pulls in thousands of people with its incredible nightlife, leisure spots, fine dining, and shopping. Here are five places you must visit whenever your travels bring you to Mansfield, Nottingham.

River Trent

1)      The Lace Market

This is a historic market that is just a short distance away from the iconic Old Market Square. Mansfield has always been respected for their lace and it still holds a special place in the history and growth of the lace industry. There are lace makers that you can visit in the old warehouses even as the place has evolved to incorporate shops and restaurants.

The area is protected by the city as one of its proud heritage zones as it also has the Galleries of Justice Museum which include the city’s former jailhouse and court. You can see the exhibits related to the punishments of the day. You can also visit the modern art gallery popularly known as Nottingham Contemporary.

2)      Nottingham Palace

If you love the lore about Robin Hood and his band of merry men then this is the Nottingham Palace you have always read of. In fact, it has bronze statues of the outlaw and his band made courtesy of a local Nottingham sculptor, James Woodford.

Although this castle is not the original castle, owing to the destruction of the original by parliamentary forces in 1651, the Italian style replacement is just as charming and imposing. The castle now houses two museums: The Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery and the Sherwood Foresters Regimental Museum which collectively house 6th century treasures including ceramics and alabaster carvings from the medieval times, Anglo Saxon brooches, 18th century stoneware, a picture collection that has the works of Charles Le Brun and Marcus Stone and a collection of medal and uniforms.


3)      Highfields Park

This is a park full of beautiful, exotic plants, and trees. It is 52-acres and part of the University of Nottingham. It allows the public in and one can boat as you picnic and enjoy some croquet. There is a play area for children making it an ideal spot for families looking for a day out.

4)      The City of Caves

This is something you would expect on any cultural grounds which is what Mansfield, Nottinghamshire is. These caves have stories ranging from shielding Queen Isabella’s lover from her jealous husband to storing caches of arms and providing strategic defence. Find out more in the public tours conducted there.

Robin Hood Way banner

5)      Robin Hood Way and Sherwood Forest

This forest is the famed home of the outlaw Robin Hood and it extends to the Nottingham Palace. The forest is part of the 1000 acres of land which includes Edwinstone Village and Sherwood Forest Country Park. Enjoy the Robin Hood festival where medieval characters are given life again. You never know, you might just end up in a Thynghowe: a meeting in medieval times where disputes were resolved.