What To Do In Mansfield, Nottinghamshire?

From kids days out to cultural events, there is always something afoot in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Let us start with the outdoor activities that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful English countryside.

The Derbyshire Pony Trekking

If there’s a wonderful way to spend your day, it has to be taking a ride on a pony to explore the beautiful Derbyshire outdoors. You can expect to see herons and buzzards flying all over the countryside and maybe have a sighting of woodpeckers along your trail.

The ponies are trained to cater to the children from 4-18 and they will go at the speed of the rider. Parents are provided with horses when they come along for the ride but you can just walk alongside the children if that suits you better and you would like to enjoy some exercise.

The experience is done in small groups so that you can have a more personalized time.

sherwood pines cafe

Get to Pick Your Christmas Tree

Go to Sherwood Pines deep in Sherwood Forest and enjoy fun outdoor adventures while keeping your eye out for that special Christmas tree between 25th November and 10 December.

You can enjoy the family trails on a bike (all the trails are waymarked) or take the more challenging trails on a mountain bike and after all this exertion, you can lunch at the café.

It is a pushchair friendly and wheelchair friendly environment with parking available on site.

Visit the Creswell Crags

If you like the intrigue of caves and tunnels, the Creswell Crags must be on your to-do list when in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. The site is an ancient gorge dotted with a honeycomb of caves. You will find the remnants of the ice age from 10,000 years ago in the caves left where they were discovered by archaeologists. In fact, this is the only location of Britain’s Ice Age rock art.

You can have tours of the Robin Hood cave during the weekend and school holidays (February – October) or enjoy a tour of the Ice Age Rock art and then cap it all off with the interactive audio-visual displays of the Ice Age in the Ice Age exhibition. The cave tours are accessible to children from 5 years and above because of health and safety reasons.


Take the Kids Farming

Allow your children to experience farm life and interact with everyday farm animals they may only hear about. From Ilamas to wallabies and ponies, you and your family will be able to enjoy the beauty of farm animals and what exactly goes into caring for them.

Watch out for the sheep race and go into the incubator to visit newborn rabbits, piglets and lambs. This is nature at its best, and farm life showing you how enthralling and exciting each day can be. Indoor fun can be found on site as well, with the Morag mini golf and a visit to the aviary.

Come and enjoy Mansfield with all its quaint yet astounding offerings and it will be your favourite place to return every year.